Get The Best Pool Surface

Pebble Tec is excellent when it comes to being the best pool surface. This is because it offers a great form of strength, resistance, thermal resistance, durability, and it’s fairly easy to take care of and maintain.
Nothing can last forever, though sometimes it will need to be repaired, and when it does, we want you to call us! Pebble Tec offers a natural elegance with exceptional value.
Swimming Pool

Textured and Granular Feel

It has a textured and granular feel that isn’t rough on the skin and can provide a more natural look for your pool or spa. When pebbles come loose, give us a call immediately so that we can come and fix this problem for you.
Swimming Pool


  • Pool services
  • Tile cleaning
  • Pool remodel
  • Spa services
Swimming Pool

Call With Any Questions or Concerns

There will often be a loss of pebbles each time you drain and fill your pool or spa, and this is normal. It doesn’t mean that your Pebble Tec was installed incorrectly. Please call the experts at Adobe Pool and Spa, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need Pebble Tec repair services!
Our friendly staff will return your call the same day!
Call us at 480-502-9110
FREE estimates are available!
Call us at 480-502-9110
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